Pine/Spruce /Larch Wood Pellets, 6 mm

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Pellets are a granular type of solid fuel of cylindrical shape, from compressed waste of agricultural production of the woodworking industry. The main materials for the manufacture of fuel pellets are sawdust, chips, bark, hump coniferous and deciduous (the best option) wood species.

Main type Pellets – Briquets
Type Wood Pellets
Origin Russia
Region Karelia / Krasnoyarsk region
Volume 20 – 2000 Ton Spot
Type of species European Softwood
Species Fir (Abies alba), Pine (Pinus sylvestris) – Scots Pine, Spruce (Picea abies), Larch
Certification ENplus / Incolab
Description Granules 6 mm in diameter.
Total moisture 9.7%; ash in dry 0.4%
Packing of 15-20 kg bales or big-bags (750-1000 kg) Pellets (fuel pellets) are actively used in special pellet boilers for heating residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities.