Wood shavings

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Nordic Karelian Group offers shaving KD of coniferous species, average grading, which is delivered in packs of 18-20 kg.

Main type Wood Chips – Bark – Off Cuts – Sawdust – Shavings
Type Wood Shavings
Use Stables and poultry
Origin Russia
Volume 15 – 2000 ton per month
Type of species European Softwood
Species Pine (Pinus sylvestris) – Scots Pine, Siberian Pine, Spruce (Picea abies)
Humidity Kiln Dried
Moisture 12-14 %
Wood shavings are a great solution for animals that live in barns, stables and similar premises. If the chips are made of softwood, it also has a strong disinfectant and bactericidal effect. After all, it contains a large amount of various essential oils and resins. Therefore, coniferous shavings are able to restrain the growth of dangerous bacteria that can lead to animal diseases.