Iroko/Sapelli squares

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High-quality wood of valuable breeds from Africa, a large stock in a warehouse, delivery to any port of the world.

Type Planks (boards)
Type of species African Hardwood
Species Iroko (Mvuli, Kambala, Semli, Rokko), Sapelli (Sapele, Aboudikro, Penkwa, Lifaki)
Origin Angola
Volume 30 – 3000 m3
Thickness 28; 36; 52+ mm
Width 120+ mm
Length 3000+ mm
Grading system European grading rules
Quality F 1
Drying Air dry (AD) / KD (18-20%)
Uses: Open air joinery
Joinery for premises
Floors, parquet
Terrace board
Sliced veneer
Shipbuilding (pontoons and deck)
Facing panel
High quality mahogany furniture
Turning products
Everyday furniture and its components
Light wood construction
Glued beam
Stairs (internal)
Veneer for inner layers of plywood
Veneer for front and back plywood layers
Floors in vehicles and containers
Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground