Construction beam (i-beams) H-20

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Nordic Karelian Group holds in stock a range of H20 beams with fencing of the softwood timber and 25mm birch plywood core. These beams are mainly used for the realization of formwork.

Type I-Joists
Type of species Nordic Timber Softwood
Species Spruce (Picea abies), Siberian spruce, Siberian pine
Volume 1 – 15 truckload per month
Beam thickness 80 mm
Beam width 200 mm
Beam length 1650-6000 mm
Uses: formwork
Strengths: soul in plywood conciliating lightness (-5Kgs / ml), stability and resistance. Northern wood chords purified of singularities (knots, cracks). Very impact resistant beam thanks to its protective end caps. The combination of northern wood and plywood gives the beam excellent mechanical quality.