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Nordic Karelian Group holds in stock a wide range of laminated straight beams. These beams, composed of several strips, glued together and abutments, provide mechanical strength and stability much higher than that of solid wood. They make it possible to realize works of great range while ensuring a high mechanical resistance.Uses: exposed wood structure, ridge boards, purlins, post structures beams, gantries, columns and girders, apparent joist, lintels, veranda structures.

Type Glulam Beams
Species Siberian Pine
Volume 50 – 1000 m3 per month
Beam thickness 80-200 mm
Beam width 90-440 mm
Beam length 6000; 6500; 12000; 13000 mm
Description Humidity 12±2%
European standard EN 14080:2013
High mechanical resistance for long-span structures, exceptional dimensional stability of glued laminated timber, straightness of beams, saving of installation time, very aesthetic beams, very suitable product for CNC machining