Birch Rotary Cut Veneer, 0.3-2.0 mm

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Veneer is a popular material in the process of facing furniture and doors. It is made of thin layers of wood. The type of production of veneer is rotary cut, sliced and sawn.

Type of species European Hardwood
Species Birch
Cut Rotary cut
Origin Russia
Quality AB (first and second)
Volume 30 – 2000 m3
Thickness 0.3-2.0 mm
Length 1600-2300 mm
Width 1300-2600 mm
Description Moisture 4-8%, GOST 99-96
Rotary cut birch veneer is used as a facing layer, as well as the middle layer for the manufacture of joinery boards. In addition, it is possible to use veneer as a material for plywood boards. A unique birch moire pattern is formed in the process of peeling.